Is neurofeedback safe?

As a parent you might be cautious about using any modality that may potentially have side effects. This is how NeurOptimal® is different:  

When you are training, no electricity, vibration or external signal is going into the brain. In addition, brain training with NeurOptimal® does not target specific areas of the brain nor does it push the brain in any direction by giving it goals to achieve, decided by an “expert”. In this way, NeurOptimal® is globally effective while remarkably free of unwanted side effects.

Each brain is unique and knows the best way to “correct” itself for improved efficiency. NeurOptimal® simply provides the central nervous system with information about its own activity. Given the right information the brain can naturally optimize itself.

Many people compare neurOptimal® with the effects of mindfulness or meditation (without the effort of learning how to do it). Just like mindfulness and meditation, it is effective, yet free of unwanted side effects.  More info in F.A.Q.s.

“So you mean that we can do in a few weeks what it takes some monks 50 years to achieve?” His Holiness exclaimed.  (Dalai Lama's response after experiencing neurofeedback).  


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