in-office neurofeedback brain training

In Office Sessions 

Now accepting new clients!
Please review services descriptions and rates below:

First session (60 to 75 minutes) - In this session we go over the intake forms, discuss concerns and treatment goals, and answer questions. Client receives full neurofeedback session as part of the first appointment, or neurofeedback plus additional brain therapies. $125 - $150
In-Office neurofeedback brain training

what to expect for an in-office session

Are you wondering what to expect when you come in for your first appointment?
Watch this video to see how we walk you through the process and how you can feel the most comfortable during your time with us.

returning clients:

Neurofeedback only session (45 minutes) - clients typically return for their follow-up appointment in 2-7 days following the initial visit. $100

Extended integrated session (up to 75 minutes) - this session is suitable for both brand new as well as returning clients. In this session I combined various wellness approaches including neurofeedback, neuro organizational techniques, energy work to help you reduce stress, anxiety, improve cognitive functioning and overall brain health. This session is also recommended for those who need dyslexia/learning disabilities support, traumatic brain injury, or simply need extra care - $150.  

your number of total sessions will vary depending on your personal goals.

Many clients start by trying the first few sessions in the office, then may choose to rent or even purchase a system to continue sessions at home. We discuss these options at your first appointment.

To prevent COVID-19 spread, please arrive wearing a mask and avoid making an appointment if you have any related symptoms. We have plenty of hand sanitizer and extra masks available in the office. A professional air cleaner/filter is always on while the office is open.

New Client? Try The 3 sessions "Starter Package."
This offer is for new clients only, one discount per household, not to be combined with any other specials discounts, vouchers, or in-office special rates. 3 sessions must be used within 1 month (typical frequency of visits is 1 or 2 times a week). Click on the link above and select "packages".

Payment and Insurance Info
We accept all major credit cards including HSA/FSA. If you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) designed to pay for health-related expenses not covered by insurance, you may be able use it toward neurofeedback/biofeedback and save money.
For car accidents with open personal injury claims, I can bill the insurance company directly after verifying your coverage. Please contact me to get pre-approved.

other service options:

Other service options:Other service options:
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