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Brand new to neurofeedback? Don't overthink, try a discounted package of 3-sessions to see how you like it and whether it's going to work for you. Choose between "Neurofeedback only" or "Extended Integrative Session".

During your first neurofeedback appointment we start out by getting to know the reason(s) for your visit. The practitioner reviews your symptoms and concerns and answers any questions you may have. You also receive your first neurofeedback session.
In the "Extended integrative Neurofeedback" session I combine neurofeedback with several other wellness approaches to extra brain care and relaxion. This type of session is recommended for anyone with anxiety, learning disabilities, brain injuries, or needing extra care. 
We accept all major credit cards including HSA/FSA.
While we do not bill insurance, if you have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA) designed to pay for health-related expenses not covered by insurance, you may be able use it toward neurofeedback/biofeedback and save money.  

Other ways to save include: Neurofeedback At Home