Love neurofeedback but hate having to drive to the office for each session?

Professional grade neurofeedback in the comfort of your home is possible!

The NeurOptimal® System (NO3) is fully automated and is designed for home use with ease and convenience. It is the same exact professional device I use in the office.

In 1 hour or less you can master this sophisticated technology to enjoy at home.

One system can train one person or up to multiple family members.

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Renting your own device can be a great option for those that aren't ready to buy one. You're able to do your own sessions from the comfort of your own home. A rented device could also save you time and be more cost effective than in-office sessions. 

  • Up to 10 sessions: $600*/month ($60/session): Ideal for 1 person to train 2-3 times/week 
  • Up to 20 sessions: $800*/month ($40/session): Intensive training for 1 person or to be shared between 2 family members 
  • Unlimited Plan: $1,000*/month: no need to ration sessions or worry about running out.
*$150 in-person equipment orientation/training appointment is additional for first time renters.

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Introducing our latest offer! Struggling to choose between renting and buying? Here's a solution: if you opt for a one-month rental but resolve to buy your own system within that period, we'll extend your rental at no cost for an additional month as you await the delivery of your new equipment.

Questions about the rental process?

Steps to Get Started with Home Neurofeedback: image

Optional: You are allowed to bring 1 (one) family member/close friend with you to the appointment so that they can be a "model" for demonstrating how sensors are applied while you watch and practice (not required but helpful).

In addition to in-office training, you will be provided with "how-to" videos and on-going support to use it confidently on your own in the comfort of your home.

questions? call (971) 238-8092  imagequestions? call (971) 238-8092  image
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