neurofeedback at home

neurofeedback at Home
Love neurofeedback but hate having to drive to the office for each session?

With the options to rent or buy your own device, professional quality neurofeedback in the comfort of your home is possible!

The NeurOptimal® System (NO3) is fully automated and is designed for home use with ease and convenience. It is the same exact professional device I use in the office.

In 1 hour or less you can master this sophisticated technology to enjoy at home.

One system can train one person or up to multiple family members.  Scroll down for options and pricing. 

learn about 3 different neurofeedback options

Renting your own device can be a great option for those that aren't ready to buy one. You're able to do your own sessions from the comfort of your own home. A rented device could also save you time and be more cost effective than in-office sessions. 

for renting a device you may choose from one of the following monthly plans:

  1. Up to 10 sessions: $600/month ($60/session): Ideal for 1 person to train 2-3 times/week 
  2. Up to 20 sessions: $800/month ($40/session): Intensive training for 1 person or to be shared between 2 family members 
  3. Unlimited Plan: $1,000/month: no need to ration sessions or worry about running out.

how to make home neurofeedback work for you:

Step 1: Fill out a reservation request

Step 2: Complete online intake forms

Step 3: A practitioner will call you to set up an appointment to pick up the system and to teach you how to use it at home.

You are welcome to bring one family member with you to the appointment if you wish so that they can be a "model" for demonstrating how sensors are applied while you watch and practice.

what our clients have to say

questions? call (971) 238-8092 or email:

Questions? Call (971) 238-8092 or email: Olga@BeavertonNeurofeedback.comQuestions? Call (971) 238-8092 or email:
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