After just three sessions I can FINALLY, sleep ALL NIGHT again! - Thank you, Olga! 

Jill, Beaverton OR

 My husband noticed that he's been in a better mood, has been learning more out of his computer work, and felt like his sleep has been better. I am feeling less anxious and and much calmer. 

Nicole, Aloha OR

 After 5 sessions I have found that I remain calmer in the face of what would usually irritate me and have been able to let these things go both at home and work. More of a "go with the flow" type of response. I have also noticed that my husband who has been having neurofeedback sessions for his PTSD and ADHD has been able to concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time and for the first time is making real progress in our garage! 

Leslie, Hillsboro OR

 Olga is a delightful trainer with a lot of compassion for families and children. She always takes time to listen and offer meaningful, appropriate feedback during her in-office visits and renting a machine from her was easy, affordable and so helpful to our family. We are transformed! 

Jessica, Portland OR

 I am amazed by how my anxiety and panic attacks are disappearing!! I also noticed that when I had the panic attack and anxiety my pulse would skyrocket. Today for the first time I haven't had the spikes in my pulse to 145 beats per minute. I find myself more comfortable being around people too (social anxiety). I am also having an easier time reading. In fact this morning before church I was reading my Bible while getting treatment and started to cry in happiness and relief that I could read so much easier. I have been having a harder time comprehending what I was reading. It was just becoming a sea of words. I could read a paragraph and not really get what it was saying. I also noticed that Thursday when I was working, I was having a much easier time multitasking and remembering things I was supposed to be doing. Olga. This is a life changer. 

anonymous, Portland OR