Weighted Blankets

If you've had neurofeedback at my office, you were likely offered a weighted blanket during a NeurOptimal session. Sitting down in a comfortable recliner with a weighted blanket on your lap is a very soothing experience. Many of my clients while already heard about weighted blankets, had their first experience with one at my office. Surprise! They often love it so much that they tell me they want to buy their own.

Weighted blankets are generally more expensive than regular blankets, because, well, of the weight and the labor that goes into making them. Even if you make them yourself at home, consider the cost of the fabric, the weight beads, other sewing materials required, as well as the time you'll spend on making one. If you are not the "do-it-yourselfer" type, there are several affordable options available to you.  

Practical tip: spend a few extra dollars on a duvet cover. Those weighted blankets are heavy which makes them hard to launder. A duvet cover can be washed and kept clean much easier. 

Bonus: it won't matter if you don't like the color of your actual weighted blanket, just pick a duvet cover (or two) you love. They come in many types of fabric and colors to fit your color scheme at home. 

Weight: Choose the weight of the weighted blanket based on your personal preference. Most professionals recommend using a blanket that is 10% of your weight. A slightly lighter blanket will give you less pressure while a heavier blanket, more.

For reference, the one I am currently offering at my office is an 8 pound one I purchased from a fellow adoptive mom and business owner.

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