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Struggling with Meditation? Neurofeedback can help.

Neurofeedback and Meditation

You may have heard that meditation offers impressive benefits for your body and mind. Perhaps another provider has suggested that you start a meditation or mindfulness practice. 

Many people who meditate regularly report good results, including a reduction in stress and anxiety, increased attention span, and better self-awareness. Some people suggest that you can achieve all these goals by merely practicing meditation daily. 

“Meditation enables us to move from higher frequency brain waves to lower frequency, which activates different centers in the brain. Slower wavelengths = more time between thoughts = more opportunity to skillfully choose which thoughts you invest in and what actions you take.” Meditation 101

Sounds convincing? Then why doesn’t everyone do it? 

The reality is, for some, meditation is harder than it seems. If you are struggling to find success in this practice, Neurofeedback can help.

Meditation Is Not for Everyone

If you have tried meditation without success, you are definitely not alone. Our modern world is hectic, filled with overly-stimulating technology, and highly-scheduled. Establishing and continuing a meditation practice can be very difficult. Some people find it to be impossible.

Even those who have the luxury of having a quiet space and uninterrupted time (if that exists) can still struggle with quieting their minds for just a few minutes. 

As soon as you sit down and close your eyes, your mind may jump around from one thing to the next.

  • What should I make for dinner? 

  • Did I RSVP to that birthday party invitation? 

  • Am I meditating correctly?

The feeling that your mind is running on a hamster wheel is, unfortunately, far too familiar to most of us. And for those who are highly sensitive or are recovering from a brain injury, calming the “brain spin” can seem impossible.

NeurOptimal® Can Help

If the concept of meditating or quieting your mind seems out of reach for you, neurofeedback can allow you to reach that quieter state of mind. 

NeurOptimal® brain training is effortless. You sit in a chair and can even close your eyes and drift off to sleep if you wish. 

At the end of the session, most people feel relaxed and refreshed without having to do anything. They report feeling mentally sharper and less reactive. They enjoy improved memory, focus, and motivation. The list of neurofeedback benefits is endless. 

When administered in a series of sessions, neurofeedback helps your brain learn how to get and stay relaxed and focused. Soon you will find that this state of calm is your new normal. 

You can even be able to do traditional meditation all on your own! 

And if you already meditate, NeurOptimal® can take you even further in your journey to wellness. 

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