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How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Do I Need?

The number of neurofeedback session you will need will depend on your condition and your goals. In general, acute conditions take fewer sessions than complex chronic conditions, but this can vary from client to client. Neurofeedback, just like many other interventions, works best when done in a series. General recommendation is to aim to train your brain  1-2 times a week in the beginning and then spread out future sessions based on your progress.

Many of my clients report positive changes as soon as their very first session, yet others feel very tired, while others "don't feel anything" until their third or even forth session. That's why a single session "trial" of neurofeedback generally will not give you the best idea of what results you can accomplish. Instead, take advantage of the "3 session package" for new clients and get a better "feel" of this modality and of working with me as your practitioner.

If your problems are a recent occurrence in your life, you’ll likely only need a few sessions to feel "yourself" again. If there are multiple problems or conditions that go far back that failed multiple other treatments, you may need at least 20 sessions, especially as you start seeing changes in your sleep, your mood, focus or other things you came for.

The more sessions you have, the stronger, longer lasting, and more comprehensive your results will be.

Study results of 1.2 million neurofeedback sessions indicate significant improvement was seen after 11-20 sessions. When the brain is trained with NeurOptimal®, clients notice the following: 

  • Feeling Calmer
  • Letting Go of Fears
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Focus
  • More Appropriate Response to Stressful Situations
  • Increased Motivation and Ability to Accomplish Tasks.

Many NeurOptimal® users report life changing results. It has helped improve the lives of children with ADHD diagnosis, as an alternative treatment for concussions or traumatic brain injuries, insomnia & sleep issues, addictions, anxiety, and depression. In U.S., neurofeedback is FDA approved for stress reduction and is designated as a wellness device rather than medical treatment.

Your sessions can be done in the office, by renting a system and using it at home, or buying your own machine with my support. I can help you with any of these 3 options.

For help deciding on which option is right for you, schedule a free phone consultation today: