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Hashimoto’s and Neurofeedback

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If you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (or strongly suspect you have it), you are likely looking for answers to help you with a slew of unwanted and downright debilitating physical symptoms:

  • Weight gain

  • Fatigue (low energy)

  • Ache or sore muscles and joints

  • Hair loss

  • Digestive distress (constipation)

  • and many more

In addition to the physical concerns, you may also be suffering from anxiety and/or depression. 

Combined with feeling constantly tired, your mental health concerns may even prevent you from reaching out to a health care professional for much-needed self-care. Yet taking another medication with unknown side effects does not seem like the right answer either. 

The symptoms of anxiety and depression are common in Hashimoto’s sufferers. 

You feel tired, scared, frustrated and just can’t deal with life. 

That’s where neurofeedback can help. Neurofeedback is like exercise for your brain, minus any sweat or soreness afterward. You sit in a comfortable chair with a few sensors placed on your head and ears and relax for the duration of the session. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback (the brain of equipment I use) is as gentle as meditation without the effort of learning how to meditate. You can even fall asleep in the session. 

Photo of women having a neurofeedback session while holding a little girl and both are smiling.

Within the first few neurofeedback sessions, clients report sleeping better, waking up feeling more hopeful and having more energy to tackle the day. With continued brain training, many experience their brain fog and depression lift as their anxiety is lessened significantly. 

While neurOptimal® does not directly treat Hashimoto’s, it provides much needed mental and emotional support so that you could feel more empowered to reach out to your health coach and stick to her recommendations.

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