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Does insurance cover neurofeedback?

Does My Insurance Cover Neurofeedback?

Click to schedule a free phone consultation button.As with any medical or wellness procedure or intervention, neurofeedback brings up questions about insurance. By far, the most common question I get from those looking to try neurofeedback is whether or not insurance will cover it. Unfortunately, it’s often the only question people ask before they hang up and give up on the process. 

And honestly, I understand. There is nothing wrong with this question. Health care costs have escalated to the point that they can stop some people from seeking help. 

I first learned about this amazing modality from the book The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD. That started me on my search for a provider. Whether or not a practitioner took my insurance was my main and only search criteria. 

Back then, I did not know about the different types of neurofeedback systems. Nor did I know that I could rent one for home use. I just knew that it would take several sessions to see results, so I was looking for a professional who would bill my insurance. I was being fiscally responsible for my family as I tried to save money. A perfectly reasonable thing to do, right?

NeurOptimal® is a Non-Medical Procedure

Since I wanted insurance to cover neurofeedback for myself, why don’t I bill insurance for clients now that I have my own neurofeedback practice? Believe me. I wish I could. But here is the reality.

Insurance companies require a diagnosis code and a procedure code. Both of these apply to medical situations and processes, but neither applies to NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, the specific non-medical system I chose for my practice. 

This situation can be confusing because people use biofeedback and/or neurofeedback to address many medical and mental health issues ranging from seizures to insomnia to blood pressure regulation. Many clients seek this modality because of specific troubles and concerns they want to resolve. Most see dramatic improvements in those areas of concern. 

But NeurOptimal® neurofeedback isn’t medical treatment. It is brain training. Think of it as a personal trainer for your brain. You do not need a medical diagnosis to hire a personal trainer or a meditation coach. And you do not need one to use NeurOptimal® either. 

Just as you wouldn’t expect insurance to cover your gym membership or a math tutor for your child, it also isn’t going to include brain training.

Since you don’t need to have a diagnostic label to train your brain, and since neurOptimal® isn’t a medical procedure, insurance isn’t likely to cover it. 

Neurofeedback is Worth the Investment

Although traditional health insurance doesn’t provide coverage for non-medical brain training, the sessions are worth the investment of time and money. You cannot put a price tag on wellness. With a free initial phone consultation, it will not cost you a dime to find out if NeurOptimal® is a good fit for your needs. 

At Beaverton Neurofeedback, we offer discounts on packages and affordable rental options so that you don’t have to put your child's (or your own) well-being on the back burner. You also may be able to use HSA and FSA funds for your neurofeedback time.

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