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Are you an exhausted, overtaxed parent of a child with special needs who feels like killing people who tell you “enjoy every minute!”? Are you looking to be understood and find a tool that will make a difference in your child's (and your own!) life? I get it!

I started Beaverton Neurofeedback after having experienced a positive life-changing power of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback on myself and my loved ones. I am a parent of both a biological and an adoptive child. My husband and I both provide intermittent therapeutic foster care for children with trauma and attachment issues. Both of my own children have struggled with varying degrees of mental health issues including anxiety, developmental trauma, sleep, nightmares, and ADHD. Once I have experienced first hand the amazing effects of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, I became eager to help others.

While I have worked with every age and category of person, I’ve got a soft spot for children and families. Something about playing a role in helping a child become their best simply appeals to me. Restoring or creating harmony in the family makes me very happy and makes me love what I do.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback saved my sanity and healed my family, and I can’t wait to partner with you on your wellness walk.

Reach out today to get started.

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Olga Ward
Certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer (Zengar Institute)
Access Bars® Practitioner (Access Consciousness)
Body Talk® Access Technician (Body Talk Systems)
Certified Brain Health Coach/Neurofeedback provider (Amen Clinics)

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About me