Hi, I'm Olga, the owner of Beaverton Neurofeedback.

I was personally transformed by NeurOptimal® and was impressed by this technology so much that I changed my earlier career trajectory and opened my own private practice. My own family benefited from this equipment greatly.

Since early 2018 I have served over 500 individuals of various ages and walks of life.

I have both the Basic and Advanced neurOptimal® certifications. I am also an authorized neurOptimal® representative (meaning I support sales of neurOptimal® should you want to purchase the system for your personal or professional use).

Schedule an appointment, book a phone consultation, or simply send me a message. I can’t wait to partner with you on your wellness walk.

Olga Ward
Certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer (Zengar Institute)
Certified Brain Health Coach/Neurofeedback provider (Amen Clinics)
Access Bars® Practitioner (Access Consciousness)
Body Talk® Access Technician (Body Talk Systems)

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