Home Neurofeedback

Home Neurofeedback

Love neurofeedback but hate having to drive to the office for each session?

Professional quality neurofeedback in the comfort of your home is possible! 

The NeurOptimal® System (NO3) is fully automated and is designed for home use with ease and convenience. It is the same exact professional device I use in the office. In 1 hour or less you can master this sophisticated technology to enjoy at home. If you know how to use your smartphone, you will easily learn how to navigate NeurOptimal®.

One system can train one person or up to multiple family members. The home neurofeedback program saves you time and costs less (per each individual session) than professional in-office neurofeedback.

You may choose from the following monthly plans:

Make Home Neurofeedback Work for You:

Step 1. Fill out a reservation request 

Step 2. Complete online intake forms

Step 3. Practitioner will call you to set up an appointment to pick up the system and to teach you how to use it at home. 

You are welcome to bring one family member with you to the appointment if you wish so that they can be a "model" for demonstrating how sensors are applied while you watch and practice. 

"Olga has been super helpful and very  transparent in sharing information about the neurOptimal system.  We used her machine for several sessions and are considering getting one of our own to which she has offered to help us with as we go forward.  A sincere lady...Thanks. " Keith B.